Spring 2016

Hello to everyone reading this blog, whether you are a returning guest or just curious. We received your feedback forms somewhat belatedly so now we have a better idea of what you like, what you want and what you dislike. This blog is rather long as a result. Future entries should be a lot shorter.
First we must say sorry to everyone who experienced a lack of hot running water. The part for the boiler was a long time coming. That left us as frustrated as you. It is now fixed thankfully in time for this season.
Those among you who had difficulty drying clothes etc may be pleased to know that a tumble dryer has been installed in the remodelled utility room. Please don’t overload it though – and please, please clean the filter before or after each use. This is a safety matter. Especially if you leave it to work overnight on the built-in timer.
There were some comments which were easier to address, namely the lack of mirrors, curtains and serving trays. So:
Two full length mirrors have been hung and each bedroom has its own mirror now.
We have replaced the serving trolley which was vandalised with a neat little one. Despite appearances it is wide enough for the large dinner plates. Having three shelves it should accommodate more servings.
Each bedroom now has curtains fitted to help keep the rooms as dark as possible while you sleep ; we hope you like them.
Three bedrooms have been provided with proper bedside cabinets which we also hope you like.
The double bunk bed has been given a brand new mattress.
A larger plastic ice bucket has been provided to replace the one removed.
We have provided a stairgate to keep younger guests as safe as possible.
Someone has managed to crack the glass hob on the corner. We are trying to get this repaired as soon as possible.
Our gardener has suggested a clever improvement to the border bed. Weather permitting this may have happened already. Earlier he had fitted steps from the deck to the side path. That was quite a step up or down so that’s a lot easier.
All in all we are pleased with what we have done pre-season. Now we hope you will be too.

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