FAQ’s about Warwick Lodge

Hot water

The boiler controls are in the utility room the summer setting for hot water is 1-2, winter 3-4. The boiler fires constantly day and night to warm the water. The upstairs shower is electric and needs to be turned on the landing.


The room thermostat is located at the back of the house between the patio doors. To quickly turn the heating on or up press the middle button and adjust to the required temperature. Please be aware that using the log burning stove in the open plan lounge, can affect the room thermostat and cause the heating to reduce in the front bedrooms. There is an electric heater under the stairs should you require additional heating.


This is an induction hob to turn on press the left hand switch and select the required heat, the maximum is 9 more information is available in the instruction booklet.


This is an electric fan assisted oven there are two ovens. The top oven has a knob to select either small grill or top and bottom heat. The bottom oven is fan assisted. Please see the illustration from the manual at the end of the guide.

Fuse box

The consumer unit is on the wall in the utility room next to the boiler.

Washing machine and tumble dryer

These are both in the utility room. The washing machine door does not open until the programme has completely finished, so please be patient and wait until the washing cycle has ended. The light will flash to indicate when the programme has finished.


The smart TV is connected to the Wi Fi so it is possible to watch catch up TV such as BBC iPlayer.

DVD Player

There is a Sony DVD Player for enjoyment of the many DVD’s available, this is controlled using the small sized Sony control.

Router and Internet

The router located under the TV the Wireless password given on the router.

Household waste

It would help us if you place your household waste in the black bags provided in the green wheelie bin before you leave. There is a weekly collection on a Friday. Unfortunately if unbagged rubbish is placed in the green bins we have to pay a penalty fee. Please ensure all your rubbish is bagged. Sadly there are no longer public recycling facilities in Perranporth.