Warwick Lodge is located on Liskey Hill Crescent in Perranporth. It is a short downhill walk to the beach and town.

Perranporth is a lively beach town during the summer season. The attraction for most people is the long sandy beach, which is popular for the sand and the sea - plenty of surfers are brought to perranporth by the excellent waves and relative safety. Lifeguard patrols are in attendance and their advice should be respected as Perranporth's strong offshore currents can surprise the unwary. They are glad to give advice about the meanings of the warning flags and the tides, currents and prevailing sea conditions. A tide table from a local newsagents may be useful for finding out tide times - especially as the beach can become very crowded at low tide. The beach can be accessed easily from the town and a completely flat access road can be found just before the Texaco garage near Budnic hill.

Shops and eateries cater for mosts tastes in the town. There are six public houses or bars including one on the beach itself; in season most will allow children in during the day - just ask first.

Supermarkets are quite widely spread but easily reached. The Co-op and Costcutter are in perranporth; a large Sainsbury's and Aldi are in Truro (higher town), Morrisons with a petrol station and Lidl are in Trencreek off the B3075.

Perranporth is around a 15 minute drive away from Truro where there is a much wider array of shops and cafes.

Liskey Hill Crescent joins Liskey Hill (the B3284) at two points. Warwick Lodge's front door is most easily accessible from the part of the crescent which joins Liskey Hill/B3284 further away from the town and up the hill. The embeded picture below from Google street view should aid you in finding the Lodge.